Hello! My name is Ernest M, I work as an English coach by Skype and I love to learn languages. I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese, I’m currently learning Hebrew, French and Mandarin Chinese.


Welcome! This blog is designed with encouragement and tips to help you improve your language skills and speak fluently.
We are living in a time where you don’t really need to travel to learn a language quickly.

You can create your own environment and add any language to your daily routine until it becomes part of your life like your mother tongue.

Some people are always making excuses they are like, I’m too old, I’m always busy, I’m so shy, etc. Please stop thinking in that way, that isn’t helpful for you, but if you apply the right method to learn you’ll see good results.

When you learn to speak a second language fluently, it helps you to get better opportunities.

I have been taking apart the  learning process and explain it to people who have been struggling with that for a long time.

Hope you enjoy browsing my blog and reading my articles.


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